Techniques of therapeutic writing

I, by personal experience you can find in my books, understand that it takes courage to confront shadows and skeletons in order to allow your authentic self to emerge. I had to confront death and pain, physical, emotional and spiritual forms in order to reclaim myself again. I would be honoured to help you claim your journey. I will do my best to support and guide you on the way.

Writing techniques:

There is no strict format anything from one page to a thousand pages of your thoughts and ideas! Using a private one on one approach, Choose the format to write in:

  • A reflective biography
  • A poem
  • An instruction book on your chosen subject such as raising children
  • A journal entry ,thoughts of the day or event
  • A letter to specific individual
  • Prayer journal
  • Story telling about an event or experience
  • Marriage goals/ journey
  • Testimony of overcoming
  • Letter of gratitude such as “I love you, I forgive you..”

There are no deadlines, no pressure to publish. There is no sales numbers to be targeted.

WHERE DO WE START, more importantly where do we stop!

Whatever the reason, write it down! Let’s get started moving towards your best writing self!

You do not need to be a prolific writer, or even be a writer at all to benefit from writing therapy. All you need are your thoughts, motivation, a piece of paper, a pen, a voice recorder, a smart phone and some brief moments in your day.

Whatever the form of writing used within a therapeutic context, the objective is not to produce a literary work of art. Far more important than that is the emotional expression lying beneath the words, irrespective of written style or content. 

I discovered that writing is a powerful form of prayer and meditation, connecting us both to our own insights and to a higher and deeper level of inner guidance as well. Wring is good for the soul. We should write because we are all writers whether we call ourselves writers or not.

We will work together in private, at your pace, at your own time, when you are ready. I believe timing also matters in therapeutic writing. Too soon to write about a traumatic event immediately after it occurs may actually cause people to feel worse after expressive writing, possibly because they are not yet ready to face it. I value your individual expression and pace.

Upon completion you decide what you want to do with your work:

  • Frame it
  • Post it
  • Publish it- I self publish my own work, but there are options available.
  • Burn it
  • Bury it

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