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So you have written a book. Now how do you get people outside your immediate circle to know about it and to buy it?
You marketing and you need independent and good reviews.
To make an authentic review in time allow me to purchase a copy of your book and write a review online:


1.Number of books publishedYour

2.Profile/Bio (do include where you are from) 

3.Your website linkWhat does writing mean to you

4.Tell us more about your recent published book

5.How will you best describe your work to someone who haven’t read any of your books?

6.What messages to those who inspire to be writers?

7.What is the project you currently working on.

8.What are your own quote about writing and reading?What does success means to you?

9.Your social media platforms

10.Please do include your favourite quote in your book.

I will need these answers as soon as possible and then we can schedule your video chat.


Please accept a nominal admin fee to order and review your book please kindly make £50 payments to

Hadassah Esther Account: 20-45-45 73666026

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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