Practical areas

Here are some examples of areas in life that you need to move foward past or present.

  • Broken marriages
  • Dealing an illness or disease
  • Life after an accident
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Extreme verbal abuse 
  • Being a victim of any kind of crime 
  • Dysfunctional families
  • Death of a close loved one
  • Any type of financial disaster

All of these are serious torpedo shots that can knock many of us straight to the ground, especially if some of this has occurred when you were at a young age.

But many other people have not managed to break free from their past. They are still mired down in the hurts and injustices of their past and cannot seem to get any victory over any of it, either in their thinking or in their emotions.

For many, there is value in writing to gain a stronger, clearer, and healthier understanding of one’s self and experiences. Through writing, one can observe cause and effect and understand patterns that might be holding you back. It’s a tool that can help you make sense of the past, explore current experiences, and make plans to experience life through a healthier perspective.

There can be a mind-body-soul connection through writing. Using your hands to write or type thoughts directly from your brain, creates a connection between your inner experience and your body’s movement in the world. You may find the experience more than eye-opening but also redemptive in that an increase in awareness and understanding often can lead to a commitment to change.

Therapeutic writing about past events can be beneficial when used the aim of releasing the past. A bad memory becomes transparent, with meaning but no more negative effect. You change your relationship to your thoughts so they do not sit like a dark cloud over you.

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