Mission, Vission and Goals!

Write, because life never works except in retrospect.
We can not control life, at least we can control our version of our life.
Writing as a self-exploratory operation that is endless.
Write, not to escape life, but a way to address and counter questions about what was the purpose of life’s experiences.

Using therapeutic writing, be prepared to take a look at the pure experience of your feelings without the layer of thinking that solidifies them. It is not to negate the impact of the memory, but to renew your reaction towards it moving forward. To be “healed” of the memories.
“Healing” means letting go so the thoughts and feelings no longer impact you.
Your goal is to neutralize the story from the past so it loses its power over you. You stop crying at the thought of it. You no longer curl up in fear, you stop feeling sorry for your self about what happened.

The Mission At therapeutic writing is to offer:

  • Guidance in using expressive therapeutic writing techniques to help bring closure to a distressing life-experience.
  • Help to write your story in your own way, your own voice from your point of view.
  • Help you to use writing to release pent-up feelings holding you back and dragging you down.
  • Help you organise disorganised thoughts into more cohesive ones that give meaning to a past upsetting, painful and traumatic experience
  • Help you use words to describe, instruct, teach and inspire others.

Therapeutic writing Vision:

To create a safe environment that promotes wellness and healing by providing support through therapeutic writing for impactful change and sustainable growth of your life`s journey.

Write to experience freedom and healing, released, having forgiven and let go.

Write to help you learn more about yourself,

  • To regulate your emotions better,
  • To find meaning to life and stop blaming yourself and others,
  • To release bottled emotions and anger,
  • To let go, forgive yourself and others,
  • To move on and move foward.



This is your story, your perspective and your journey.

Your privacy is paramount. There are people you may wish to protect rather than confront, so sensitivity and discretion will be implored. Your pace of healing and growth is not comparable.

  • Everyone has a purpose.
  • Struggles are opportunities for growth.
  • A healthy balance is the outcome as achievable after an event in life.
  • Authenticity allows yourself to be truly seen and understood.
  • Self awareness and inner connection is essential to the human experience.

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