You can say; “But I am not a writer!”
Well neither was I! Anyone can write. From poetry classes, writing in prisons, in hospitals and hospices, writing in addiction centres, biblio-therapy sessions, writing is as creative a therapy, alongside dance, drama, crafts and music.

We as humans do not think in full sentences. Writing helps contextualise and untangle the thoughts racing in the mind at times. Writing slows us down long enough to fully comprehend our thoughts. I will offer guidance in using expressive therapeutic writing techniques to help not just distance one from a distressing life experience because we can never run from the past. But to:

  • Help in the process of creating a coherent story out of disorganized emotional memories.
  • Help use words to describe your feelings with words may be somewhat cathartic,
  • Help use writing to release pent-up feelings that may be dragging you down.
  • Together we will use the act of writing to help you organize disorganized memories and thoughts into more cohesive ones that give meaning to a past upsetting or traumatic experience.
  • Together we will use the process of writing to learn to better regulate emotions because they gain a sense of control over upsetting experiences life throws at them.
  • Together we can explore therapeutic writing, a proven technique to address the past, experience healing, restoration, forgiveness and ultimately moving forward in freedom and wholeness.

I will help you use regular therapeutic writing to find meaning in your life`s experiences, view things from a new perspective in the most stressful or negative experiences.

Through therapeutic reflective writing, we can begin to invite a deeper truth to surface. Writing can be a powerful portal to envisioning the life you desire and deserve; it can heal and unveil blocks which have been long-buried, repaving a new path to bring your life vision into fruition.

As I help you write about it we pray that you find redemptive in that an increase in awareness and understanding often can lead to a commitment to change.

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