I am a writer, not a psychologist or trauma therapist, but I am pretty sure most of us have had the experience of release when you finally express something you have been holding on to? Whether that is in a screaming match or a therapy session, or on a page. When you let go of the things that are holding you down, when you are free to express how you feel, you feel better.

I am not offering answers or expert solutions. Everyone`s story is different. I do not have answers or ultimate solutions. Our emotional responses may vary depending on our upbringing and back ground. There can not be a simple answer as to why, how and when life may have happened to all of us. What is important is to find peace, make peace with yourself and like your life to the fullest despite.

What therapeutic writing will NOT do, and this is not the aim of this writing exercise:

  • I cannot make your forget about the past, no one can, as that is impossible.
  • I cannot justify or ignore your feelings which often just creates other problems such as addiction, dependency on something or someone to suppress the pain.
  • I cannot ask you to wait for an apology or acknowledgment like the cut down tree waiting for the axe to apologise, which postpones happiness because perpetrators seldom, if ever show remorse unless exposed or on the death bed.
  • I cannot ask you to wait for time to heal all wounds (you may need more than just time to go by). There are more formal forms of therapy to be advised for consideration including professional counselling if writing is not appropriate for you.
  • I cannot encourage you to wallow endlessly in your emotions which can create a vicious cycle of bad decisions, bad choices, repeatedly.
  • I cannot un-do the past by making you creating an image or persona as a tough lady/ guy, with a cut-throat career or business success to compensate an emptiness within or a vow to never go back or never be like the perpetrator. You cannot change what happened but you absolutely can change your reaction to what happened.

 As you probably know, sometimes events from the past have a mind of their own. Memories keep re-circulating when all you want is for them to disappear. Life is too short to be lived in regret, destiny requires a turning point of;

“Yeah I know you know what I did last summer. I am over it, can talk about it and acknowledge it for what it was: my past while chasing my future.  You reminding me will not stop me from chasing what I need to do today and next summer.

Every human being goes through stuff, challenges as we all do. Everybody has a story. How we emerge is our ability to handle and wrestle life`s obstacles.

It is impossible to literally forget the past. I am persuaded when Paul said;

Forget what lies behind……. it was not a literally sense. Joyce Meyer is a perfect example of what it means to forget what lies behind. She remembers, but does not remember in pain, in fear, in guilt nor regret.

This is a personal journey so it is a one to one approach in strict confidentiality. Get in touch and let us begin your journey to healing and restoration and a new discovery through writing.

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